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Working with Women and Girls

JHHESA uses TV drama's such as 4Play and campaigns like 'Scrutinize to reach Women and girls with HIV prevention messages. The 4Play drama targets adult women whilst the Scrutinize campaign is used for the younger women. A 4play discussion guide has recently been developed to expand the reach to communities that do not have access to television in the HIV discussion.

This has not only been extended to partners working with JHHESA but to other organisations working on HIV and other health areas. The use of such tools is in recognition of the need to target young women and girls in addressing HIV related issues given their vulnerability status in the epidemic, and to engage them in discussions giving them a voice to identify issues that affect them and how to deal with these. The vulnerabilities include, but are not limited to, transactional sex as result of poverty, gender-based violence,pPower relations resulting from gender inequalities and harmful cultural practices.

Tools and Resources

4Play Discussion Guide

Working with Woman and Girls