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Brothers for Life Awards

Brothers for Life, the seven year old men's health and wellbeing movement has clinched two Apex awards at a ceremony in Johannesburg on the 7th July 2016. The awards recognise the combined efforts of advertising agency Joe Public, media strategists Mediology and the Centre for Communication Impact over the life of a campaign to educate South Africans about the benefits of Medical Male Circumcision (MMC) and to encourage men to undergo the procedure. The campaign, which has had several iterations since it's launch in 2012 has raised awareness of MMC benefits from around 8% to 78% of the sexually active population.

The MMC campaign received a Bronze award in the Sustain category and a Special Award for the most successful submission for a non-profit or cause.
"We're absolutely delighted to have received these prestigious awards, which for us signal the recognition of the hard work that we and our partners do for men in strategic HIV and health communication says Bronwyn Pearce, Chief Executive Officer for Centre of Communication Impact. "Over the years we have worked together we have developed a depth of understanding of our audience and continued to innovate creatively.

A comprehensive evaluation of Brothers for Life has demonstrated its efficacy - and cost-effectiveness - through evidence of increased knowledge about MMC and HIV and getting men to take up health services. This award is confirmation that Brothers for Life is a best-practice campaign, and sets benchmarks for other behavioural change campaigns aimed at men in particular."

Brothers for Life is a national men's campaign that aims to create a movement throughout South Africa, that promotes healthy, responsible lifestyles. The campaign draws upon the spirit of

Brotherhood that exists among South African men and encourages men to positively influence each other in their roles as partners, parents and community members.

Brothers for Life is a collaboration between the Centre for Communication Impact, Department of Health and civil society partners across the country, funded by USAID and PEPFAR.

The APEX Awards aim to recognise outstanding communications campaign's performance and excellence in an industry that is constantly refining and redefining creativity.