Centre for Communication Impact

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Communication Programmes

JHHESA and its partners undertake concerted campaigns to get people to internalise their risk of HIV by getting them to change behaviours that put them at risk. The campaigns direct the audience to relevant choices that will reduce their risk of HIV infection in particular:

  • Increase people's perception of risk to HIV infection in relation to their behaviours (Alcohol, transactional sex etc) and sexual partnerships
  • Encourage the development of risk reduction strategies.
  • Reduce the number of multiple and concurrent partners
  • Promote correct and consistent condom usage with all partners.
  • Increase the number of people who undergo HCT and TB testing

JHHESA uses the Social Ecology Model and Communication for Social and Behavioural Change, the Meta Theory as well as the strategic communication P-Process, including analysis, strategic design, development and testing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and preplanning.