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Women have a number of different relationships,
including relationships with partners, their own
parents, parents-in-law, their children, other family
members, neighbours, friends and work colleagues,
etc. Most women are expected to play different
roles in these different relationships, which places
stress on them.
Recent research shows that men have multiple
sexual partners more than women do, which
places stress on intimate relationships and
can compromise a woman's health. Trying to
understand the stressors on a relationship can help
women to repair relationships and safeguard their
own health and happiness.
Research also shows that women are more satisfied
in their relationships when their partners are able to
understand their negative emotions and when they
can understand their partner's negative emotions;
but men are more satisfied when they can see that
their partners are happy and when their partners
can see that they are happy. This shows that there
may be differences in what men and women
want from relationships, and that communication
in relationships is an important part of making
them work.
Women and sexual relationships
While in the past it was rare for women to have
sexual relationships outside of marriage, this has
changed over the last 50 years. It is common to
find women who have sexual relationships with
men or other women before marriage, outside of
marriage, or for money or other favours.